Our client Chargemaster Plc

BP Chargemaster

Post charger in use
3D CAD model of wall mounted charger


The BP Chargemaster range of electric vehicle chargers are based on a modular concept. A range of different housings are offered including floor mounted posts and wall mounted units. These housings can be configured with a range of charging sockets and charge rates to suit any application.

What we did for BP Chargemaster

For sales meetings, BP Chargemaster needed a complete set of drawings identifying all available configurations. We produced general arrangement drawings for every vehicle charger option in the BP Chargemaster range. The drawings illustrated the various socket types available and gave overall dimensions of the units. In addition we produced installation drawings specifying bracket drilling details etc. The finished drawings (approximately 50) were supplied as ‘pdf’ documents.

We have also produced various manufacturing drawings including fully dimensioned details of housings and brackets. Circuit wiring diagrams for a number of different build options have also been produced.

Outline drawing of post charger
Outline drawing of home charger