3D plant and piping

3D plant and piping

Are you involved in industrial plant and pipework? If you are, you will know all about the benefits of working in 3D, including clash detection and visualisation of complex arrangements.

Isometric pipe detail generated with Isogen

We have invested in a specialist CAD package, Autodesk Plant 3D. This allows us to produce neat and compact pipe layouts for all sizes of equipment. It can be used for a small skid with a couple of pumps to a whole plant arrangement with numerous pieces of equipment.

Once your 3D model is complete we can generate any 2D orthographic and isometric view required for your arrangement drawings. We can also automatically generate your isometric pipe detail drawings. These automatic drawings can be fully customised to meet your specific requirements. Parts lists, pipe cut lengths, pipe end preps, unique weld identification numbers etc. can all be generated on these drawings.

We are also able to publish your 3D arrangement model as a Navisworks.nwd file. With the free viewer, which we can provide, you will be able to view and navigate around your model without any specialist skills or CAD software. You can choose your own route around the model, free from the constraints that a traditional pre-programmed animation imposes. Many of our clients find this an excellent tool for design reviews at various stages during a project.

3D CAD model of pump and pipework module