Our clients

Our clients

Below is a selection of some of our clients demonstrating the diverse range of businesses we provide services to. To find out more about our work for each of these clients, please click on the picture or link to visit the individual case study page.

We will be adding further examples over the coming weeks. Please revisit this page for updates.

Allen Diesels

Allen Diesels Ltd

With more than 100 years of engine building experience, Allen engines are installed all over the world operating in industrial power, marine (propulsion and auxiliary power) and oil & gas applications.

For information about our work for Allen Diesels Ltd, please click here.




Located in Weurt, just outside the historic city of Nijmegen in The Netherlands, ARN B.V. operates a waste to energy plant. Domestic refuse collected from the surrounding area is sorted for recycling and composting. Any remaining combustible waste is incinerated at the plant and used to generate electricity. A small amount of the power generated is used for the plants own electrical needs. The remainder is exported to the national grid and provides enough electricity for a town of approximately 47,000 households (120,000 people).

For more information about our work for ARN B.V., please click here.

Chargemaster Plc

Chargemaster Plc

A leader in the European electric vehicle charging industry, Chargemaster Plc offer solutions for all applications including on street, car park, office and home chargers. Chargemaster Plc is currently building a network of charging points throughout the UK.

For more information about our work for Chargemaster Plc, please click here.

Fire X UK LtdFire X UK Ltd

Specialising in the design, supply, installation, commissioning and servicing of fire safety systems, Fire X UK Ltd has been working in the industry for more than 20 years.

For more information about our work for Fire X UK Ltd, please click here.



ML, a Canadian company with a manufacturing site in Sweden, are based in Toronto and specialise in shaftless spiral screw conveyors, supplying equipment to a worldwide customer base.

For more information about our work for ML, please click here.



Based in Gibraltar, OESCO Ltd (Ormrod Electricity Supply Company) built, owned, maintained and operated a 32 MW power station on ‘The Rock’. Electricity was supplied to the Gibraltar Electricity Authority via an agreement with The Government.

For more information about our work for OESCO Ltd, please click here.

Serpecon Ltd

Serpecon Ltd

Working predominately in the water and waste industries, Serpecon Ltd design, supply and install bespoke bulk material handling equipment. The wide range of products offered include screw conveyors, centreless screw conveyors, cooling screw conveyors, grit classifiers and portable centrifuge skip filling conveyors.

For more information about our work for Serpecon Ltd, please click here.

Weir Allen Steam Turbines

Weir Allen Steam Turbines

Part of the Weir Power & Industrial group, Weir Allen Steam Turbines supply complete packages for new industrial power generation plants. The spares and service division are able to support all the existing machines installed around the world.

For more information about our work for Weir Allen Steam Turbines, please click here.

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