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Fire alarm maintenanceIntroduction

One aspect of the Fire X UK Ltd business is to design and install new fire safety systems. These are often elaborate systems in large commercial premises such as warehouses, factories and offices. Some clients require proposal drawings at the tender stage and most will insist on ‘as built’ drawings once installation is complete.

Fire X UK Ltd previously produced their own drawings in house but this proved to be a time consuming exercise. In addition, keeping CAD software up to date with the latest version is expensive. Fire X UK Ltd decided to start outsourcing their CAD drawings allowing their engineers to focus on their job without the distraction of  producing drawings.

What we do for Fire X UK LtdFire alarm zone drawing

We create both proposal and as built drawings of installations. We also produce alarm zone drawings which are mounted on the wall adjacent to control panels for use by the fire brigade or for fault finding.

Fire X provide us with the architects AutoCAD drawings and we copy the outline information onto a new drawing removing any non relevant building services details (plumbing, heating, air con, lighting etc). We then add the new information based on hand mark ups provided by the Fire X engineers. Once complete the drawings are supplied as AutoCAD and ‘pdf’ files.

What Fire X UK Ltd have to say

“We have used D&DS Ltd over the last few years and have been very happy with their service and quality of drawings supplied. They have gained an understanding of what we require thus saving us a large of amount of time and in house resources.”

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